Sunday, 13 January 2013


the very first thing which u share with others as soon as u cry for the first time is a relation ….either u want it or not this is what u could not get away even after u die ….a realtion is a wireless thing ever existed in the world as a reference to the wireless technology J …..u get it as a gift while u are born and continue to live with it and even after that…though the bond could have increased or decreased with time….
The thing which affects the most in any relation is the expectation ….what u expect from the other person……  while not expecting anything from the one very close to your heart u  start to expect  a very important thing of his/her life and that is being important to that person….and when u feel as if the space u share with the person is now shared with few more the relationship starts to weaken with time ..its not ur fault at all ….its all because u are a living being and most important u are human…

If it has ever happened to u or is happening not worry ever….. with time only the fragrences  of real rose is preserved ,not of the one made with plastic……but never try too hard to join two ends of any brittle object doing that may lead to complete disaster and u could loose the very importance of yours …

there is much more to say to share ….let it be for the next virtual  interaction  of us ;) J


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